Not all eco-friendly dog waste bags are made the same. At thegoodpaw we supply 100% certified home compostable dog poopĀ bags across Aotearoa.Ā Our compostable dog poop bags are made from a blend of PLA + PBAT + Cornstarch and decompose in just 90-180 days under the right home compost conditions.Ā 

When we say not all waste bags are made the same we are referring to the raw ingredientsĀ used during the manufacturing process of the bag. Cheaper plastic bags are often justĀ polyethylene plastic blended with degradable additives.Ā 

thegoodpaw poopĀ bagsĀ are conveniently packaged in a box (if you choose to) and in rolls with a core made from recycled cardboard. The bags are unscentedĀ and have a silky feel, extra thickĀ and leak and tear proof and don't stick to each other making them easy to separate.

Standards Recognised by New Zealand Ministry of EnvironmentĀ 

There is currently no recognised standards in New Zealand for Certified Home Compostable Packaging. The main recognised international standards used in New Zealand areĀ AS4736, EN13432 and ASTMD6400/6868.Ā The only relevant standard for Home Compostability is the European StandardĀ EN 13432.

The manufacturer we have partnered up with has been granted theĀ TƜV AUSTRIAĀ EN 13432: OK Compost HOME certification.

What is theĀ OKĀ Compost HOME certification?

The OK compost HOME certification is not defined under one specific standard. It refers to all the technical requirements that a product must meet in order to obtain the certification and has been the over-arching bodies for other standards such as the Australian AS 5810,Ā France: NF T 51800 andĀ Europe: prEN 17427.Ā 

All waste bags sold at thegoodpaw hold the following certification.Ā